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Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips provides Tax Tips for people living and or working outside of the United States. These are citizens of the United States that live or work outside of the country and need valuable information on items concerned with filing their United States Tax Returns. Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips includes information such as off-shore banking accounts and the requirements for filing and declaring these off-shore accounts. Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips adds great value to those who are still confused on their tax obligations when living or operating a business off-shore.
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Mar 29, 2016

When planning for your financial future, you need a planner who is easily accessible and has the required experience to assist you in your unique situation. Macarena, Morey and the entire team at Glazer Financial have the knowledge, the experience and the up-to-date information to keep you current, informed and paying the lowest taxes possible.

The team would love to hear from you and read your question during next week’s podcast. Send your questions to or add a comment in Tuesdays with Morey on Facebook.


Key Takeaways:

[1:37] Does your accountant know how to handle your special tax situation?

[7:11] Do I have to pay tax if I open a foreign corporation?

[10:14] Morey can help to save you much more money than the cost of his fee.

[12:11] What are the types of questions advisors should be asking clients to help them prepare for their financial future?

[16:24] Will I know what my charges and fees are for Morey’s services before I agree to turn over my documents?

[18:17] Glazer Financial has over 30 years of experience in helping clients to lower their taxes.

[20:06] How many accountants should a good financial planning company have?


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Mar 22, 2016

If you haven’t filed your taxes or think you may have made a mistake because you didn’t understand the tax code or foreign earned income credits, contact Morey’s office, Glazier Financial today. They will look over your past 3 Federal returns and supply you with an analysis to help you plan for your financial future. In addition, they will make certain you have the necessary tax forms filed. As a US citizen, you have a tax liability for life, no matter where you choose to do business or reside.


Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Morey shares important information for expats

[2:55] Teaching CPAs and attorneys in the pension administration business

[3:33] Determine why you are going offshore

[4:14] Some expats don’t even file tax returns

[5:44] Hidden tax implications in US non-tax related bills

[6:57] Foreign countries want your tax money too

[7:45] The IRS looks at the variances in tax returns

[9:32] A computer may not pick up the same things a tax planner does

[10:29] Foreign income could be considered Subpart F Income

[11:34] The Employee Retirement Income Security Act

[13:36] Foreign tax credits - Which IRS forms to use

[16:10] “We don’t disclose” is a thing of the past

[17:20] The Federal Government is expanding what they consider to be a financial institution

[18:14] Do it right the first time

[19:16] Understand the taxes in your foreign country and your tax liability in the US

[20:52] Plan before you move or invest internationally



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Mar 15, 2016

Tax regulations are complicated enough in the US and if you have property or assets offshore you may find yourself reeling by the ever changing rules in the tax code. The Foreign Account Compliance Act (FACTA) focuses on the reporting and proper tax filing of offshore assets. If you are unsure about the applicable taxes, credits and rules regarding your upcoming move to a foreign country, allow Glazer Financial and Macarena Rose to help you to simplify the process. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:28] People forget to pay their tax, which causes penalties from the IRS

[3:39] Planning is important if you are moving offshore, starting a business or running a household

[7:43] Get assistance from a professional when investigating moving offshore

[9:11] Glazer Financial analyzes 3-years of past returns to make certain there are no mistakes

[11:59] Make a business or personal plan to keep yourself from going broke

[12:36] Tuesdays with Morey is a mentoring program

[14:59] New offices will be opening in Belize and Guadalajara

[17:07] Morey speaks and holds seminars for several large organizations

[18:05] Spend more than 330 days offshore & qualify for foreign earned income tax exclusion

[20:09] Voluntary Disclosures and the Foreign Disclosure form will keep you from being audited



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Mar 1, 2016

If you are not familiar with the IRS’s new program designed to uncover all of your assets, anywhere in the world, you need to listen to this week’s episode. Morey Glazer and Macarena Rose discuss the tax changes which were added to the Highway Bill, Obamacare, and BBDECA. All of your foreign interests will be scrutinized and you need to be prepared. The best way to prepare yourself is to hire a professional and engage in a tax planning program. Remember, audits cost money so do it right the first time.


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] The IRS is coming after taxpayers and ditching Voluntary Disclosure

[3:30] Hiding assets is no longer an option, put your money in safe places

[5:42] There are laws in the US designed to protect us

[6:50] An LLC used to protect precious metals and real estate in private homes

[7:40] The 2015 Social Security changes embedded in Obamacare

[9:01] Justice to the Balance Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act

[12:12] IRS upgraded their system so no returns were processed during the first week of January 2016

[13:50] Glazer Financial will review your last 3 returns at no charge to you

[16:18] Tax planning and cost reduction strategies through asset protections to build net worth

[18:40] Thinking about starting a foreign trust? Be aware, changes can be made without consent

[22:06] Knowing the right questions to ask when writing a will



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